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Severe Thunderstorms leave many without power (UPDATED)

This morning (June 30, 2012) upon awakening, we found our electricity was still out as we embark on one of, if not the, hottest days of the year so far in 2012.

I am reporting this via my iPod Touch while it, and our Verizon Wireless MiFi still has battery to do so.

See ya later when power returns.

EDIT: Yea!!! Our power has been back on since about 5 minutes before 11AM EDT.

This was no small storm. And many across the Midwest to the East Coast were hit by it. About 7 10 deaths (see FOX News article update) as of about 11:15 AM EDT had been attributed to this storm.

Apparently something like this actually has a name: Derecho

A derecho (Spanish: derecho “right”, pronounced [de̞ˈɾe̞tʃo̞][1]), is a widespread and long-lived, violent convectively induced straight-line windstorm that is associated with a fast-moving band of severe thunderstorms in the form of a squall line usually taking the form of a bow echo. Derechos blow in the direction of movement of their associated storms, similar to a gust front, except that the wind is sustained and generally increases in strength behind the “gust” front. A warm weather phenomenon, derechos occur mostly in summer, especially June and July in the Northern Hemisphere. They can occur at any time of the year and occur as frequently at night as in the daylight hours.

Some very interesting examples on the Wikipedia site.

Virginia, D.C., Maryland Derecho 2012: Aggressive Storm Knocks Out Power To More Than 1 Million (UPDATED) – HuffPost

Noon Update: 430,000 Remain without Power, Air Conditioning – Manasas Patch

Three states declare emergency after storms leave 10 dead and millions without power – FOX News

Deadly Storms Along the East Coast Leave Millions of People Without Power – NYTimes

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Well, here in the sunny south, a week and a day before official Winter, it has been snowing all morning.

We also had a very cold spell last week and will have one again this week. How cold? It was in the teens overnight here in Virginia in early December. And will be again this week. And this week we have the added ‘benefit’ of wind chill factors that may tumble into the single digits at least one day this week.

OK, you guys up in Canada? Take back your arctic air! We have had enough already! LOL!

This is only the first half of December. What do we have to look forward to by the time the real cold gets here in January and February (besides higher orange juice prices due to even Florida having very cold (for them this time of year) weather?

Global Warming, my a….nevermind.

Hope you all enjoy the Christmas Theme and snow on my blog for the Christmas holidays 2010. 🙂

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