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Facebook – An admirable start but not nearly enough

Facebook Adds Two Privacy Tools – InformationWorld:

Both tools have to do with stopping unknown devices from logging in to a user’s Facebook account.

Definitely a first step, and an important one to be sure, especially since many hacks apparently were coming from mobile devices — but this is not nearly enough.

This does not even begin to address the privacy related issues brought on by changing the default from privacy by default to public by default which is why Facebook won over from MySpace in the first place.

My account will remain deactivated for the time being.

Bye, Bye, Facebook, Bye, Bye…



This notice is to my friends and family on Facebook

After this weekend (waiting only to give friends and family a chance to know what happened), I will be deactivating my Facebook account, and may ultimately be deleting it in the very near future if A LOT OF THINGS don’t change in the way that Facebook is ‘doing business.’

Facebook has a lot of gall to say Facebook users are not unhappy with their recent changes to Facebook privacy policy changes. I know many who are VERY unhappy with these changes, IF they even realize the changes being made.

To help folks realize what changes are being made, here are some links to do your own research:

Six Things You Need to Know About Facebook Connections (EFF)

Facebook security flaw makes private chats public (Network World)

Consumer groups hammer Facebook privacy violations in federal complaint (Macworld UK) – Facebook privacy violations stemming from recent feature changes

More EFF links over the last week or two on Facebook:

Facebook’s Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline

A Handy Facebook-to-English Translator

How to Opt Out of Facebook’s Instant Personalization

If you plan on maintaining your Facebook Account, you also might like to read the following article at ZDNet Blogs:

Contemplating FaceBook Hara-Kiri

ewww, a Facebook threat…

Thought it was funny when I went to Facebook today and got this pop up asking me to link to a page for my hometown. I said, handle it individually and unclicked the page for my hometown. and I got this:

You are about to remove this information.

If you don’t link to any Pages, the following sections on your profile will be empty:
* Work and Education
* Current City
* Hometown
* Likes and Interests

Like I really care about that. I didn’t fill them out anyway.

I posted that on my Facebook page too.

Then I posted a comment on the Facebook poting:

However, if they keep this crap up, I will just disable my account again and they won’t be able to force those stupid ads on me anymore.


As my Jim says, “The only winning move is not to play” and he doesn’t. And I play very little, and only because of my family and friends….some of which are so into the stupid gaming and apps crap which is why I have made my profile so private in the first place and don’t use anything but Facebook apps, no third party apps at all.

Facebook is something nice enough, but I can still be in contact with friends and family without them and it looks like that will be happening soon, very soon if my guess is right.

Why it is too late to regulate Facebook (

Read it and weep.

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