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Bruno … Remembering a dear friend

Bruno's sunshaded penguin avatarWith great sadness, I finally was able to put together a small tribute piece about Bruno, one of the best people I know … who will be leaving us soon. Here’s a quote from the piece:

Bruno, what to say of one of the most dedicated, patient, and selfless people I have ever ‘met’ on the Internet, or maybe even in real life.

Bruno, in many ways, you remind me of my Dad (rest his soul), and my Jim — which is a very high compliment, IMHO. There is another great Open Source guy, Klok who was of a similar mind set as all of these men — you can find his story here: Klok Memorial.

For those reading this article, who may not know who Bruno is, Bruno is a wonderful man with seemingly limitless patience and dedication. He is from Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. He has a family that he loves and that love him — and despite that, he was able to spend thousands and thousands of hours sharing his knowledge, or learning what he needed to convey to Linux Explorers day in and day out … to only God knows how many Linux Explorers (those who have never used Linux and desire to learn and explore Linux).

Read the rest here.

Bruno, you are loved by so many, and will be missed more than you know.

God speed to you, and may you have good days ahead, and ones as painless as possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and your friends.

911 – We Remember

We Remember.

Here are just a few links for 911:

911 Pictures:

More 911 pics:

911 by Numbers:

9/11 Memorial Website:

September 11 News:

And lots of videos about 911 at as well as tons of websites commemorating 911 on Google searches with any combination of 911 and other words like attacks, remembrance and things like WTC, etc.

We Remember and We Won’t Forget!

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