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Why can’t Siri announce caller name

Everyone is so hyped about the possibility of an iWatch. An iWatch certainly would be awesome, especially if Apple does it. But they still haven’t been able to get a built-in standard feature.

Seems to me it would be more important to get Siri to announce a caller’s name like any old LG phone like the enVTouch can do.

Why should I have to trust a third party app that takes forever to assign individual ringtones to each Contact’s ID… just to get it to do something as standard as speaking the caller ID, even if it only did the caller ID as a Contact name it would be awesome.

The only other way apparently is to turn on VoiceOver in the Settings > General > Accessibility. Whenever you receive a call it will automatically speak the callers name. This from the Verizon Announce Caller forum posting and the person also said,

But as a heads up, the Voice Over feature is designed to speak everything you touch on the phone and will change the way your phone is used.


Rest in peace, Steve Jobs

[tweetmeme source=”bambismusings” only_single=false]Apple says Steve Jobs has died – MSNBC

Apple’s Steve Jobs Dies – Bloomberg

609px-Steve_Jobs_WWDC07 - wikimediaWhether you agreed with his corporate philosophies or not. He was a still a brilliant 56 year old fellow human being who has finally lost a terrible battle with cancer. On the plus side, he co-founded Apple, Inc. and several other companies of note while he was away from Apple, then came back and pulled Apple out of it’s economic doldrums to become a technological giant in first the mobile devices arena and has begun to play catch up on the desktop/laptop arena as well.

I definitely didn’t agree with a lot of his philosophies, corporately or patently, but he did bring about some great innovations. I would love to have seen Apple move the other direction to keep up their old revolution persona from 1984, but that was obviously not to be in this corporate environment.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. No one deserves to battle or lose the battle with the demon called cancer. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Statement by Apple’s Board of Directors (Yahoo News/Business Wire)

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