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Henrietta and the chicks

Well, we just got some chickens here yesterday! We’ve been working on their shelter and pen area for a week now getting it ready for them.

Henrietta and the chicks - 1

Henrietta and the chicks - 2

Henrietta and the chicks - 3

Henrietta and the chicks - 4

Some friends of ours have been raising chickens for 15 years now and they said they had a new family born a little less than 2 weeks ago … with 14 chicks that we could have!

Here’s are 2 links to a site that has a picture of the cross on the type of chickens:

Buff Brahma Bantams

B.B. Red Old English Game

They make small eggs but they are really cute!

Should start getting some eggs from the chicks in about 5 months or so.

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