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Evening Orchid Corvair!

evening orchid corvair '65 - world o' jeff

evening orchid corvair '65 - world o' jeff

I have always said that the right car in the wrong color is the wrong car. No beige 1959 Cadillacs for me, thank you.

A lady named Emily in the store last week casually mentioned that she was selling her 1965 Corvair that she had owned for 25 years. “What color”, I asked, which is always my first question when someone tells me about a car. “It’s called Evening Orchid”, she replied. “It’s kind of a lilac”.

Thank you Jeff and frapper!

I now know that My lavender and white Corvair convertible wasn’t a custom paint job but a real Chevrolet color of the day! Evening orchid. The only difference between mine and this one is mine had a white convertible top and white white wall tires … so it was like the yellow one I posted, but this color! Awesome!

My lavender and white Corvair convertible

Well, it was mine for about 1/2 an hour…

OK, well … it was mine, but I never got to drive it.

It was somewhat like this one:


The difference was mine was kinda a lavendery pink with white leather interior and white convertible, and white white wall tires. It had sat for 2 yrs and the paint had oxidized so it wasn’t shiny. But it was mine! I intended to paint it bright yellow (not pastel yellow like this image here), but bright yellow jacket yellow with black trim. And the Autobots‘s Bumble Bee was NOT even a gleam in anyone’s eyes back in 1971…

Anyway, back to my story … My Dad and a few guy friends went to pick it up somewhere near the Carlisle, PA area. Like I say, it sat for a couple years and belonged to a little old lady. Apparently she had it painted that pinky lavender since I haven’t seen any anywhere that color.

My Dad picked the car up after putting in some gas and it actually started right up! Wow. He and the guys drove it home to the farm in PA where we were staying at the time. And drove it right up the hill, well more like gunned it up the hill, showing off a bit…Well, next thing I know, the car has a cracked block and there’s no way we can fix that. My Dad felt awful…I couldn’t let him feel bad like that so I told him not to worry about it. But it really did hurt as you can imagine. But people are more important than things…

It was so sweet of my Dad to even want to get this cool little car for me for my first car. I will always cherish his love for me and what he did for me in life and when he passed away. Daddy…Loving Memory

I wish I had gotten a picture of that little car before it died…

You are always in my heart Daddy…I love you and miss you so much!

What got me going on this today? I don’t know, we were talking about first cars, and was looking around on the Internet today and came across Keith’s Blog: The Corvair I Let Get Away and just had to tell my story too.

Oh, forgot to mention that my Dad didn’t forget … when we moved back to the Jersey Shore, he got me a Galaxy 500 Maroon/Burgundy with black roof and interior and fixed it up just so…like I mentioned in the postings about my Dad. He was an amazing fellow…

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