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Being tolerant is so important. People are important.

I find it very sad to see so many get upset, accusatory, having a lack of understanding, etc. when it comes to anything, but particularly in belief systems, and in computer technology.

I think Steve Wozniak said one of the most profound statements recently in a Gizmodo Q&A, and it was part of an answer within a totally unrelated question.

Don’t be judgmental. Don’t call yourself right and others, who do different things, wrong. Same for computer and smart phone platforms.
~ Steve Wozniak

That quote came at the end the fourth question here from the article, How Steve Wozniak Became the Genius Who Invented the Personal Computer – Gizmodo Q&A

I hope more will wake up and smell the coffee like JamesParadise response when he read it in the same Q&A:

i like the last line there. my friends and i get heated over android/ios etc and the drug comparison puts it in perspective. i don’t like people criticizing my marijuana use so i should stop judging people based on their platform of choice.

And as Norbes responded:

Agreed, now only if you could get that point across to the rest of the people out there.

You got that right!

Tolerance is important. People are important. The differences between people should be celebrated whether it is belief systems, or operating systems: Linux, Android, BSD, Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Windows 8 RT.

That doesn’t mean we have to believe as others, or use the devices, or OSes others use, but it does mean we should all remember Vive La Différence! It’s not just to celebrate the differences between the sexes anymore. 😉


EDIT: corrected a typo – responded

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