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Boston Blackie’s Car

Recently we purchased a DVD that had 25 classic mystery movies and TV shows on it. I did a review of the DVD on 5 Buck Review here.

I wanted to find out what kind of car Blackie was driving in the Movie/TV Show Boston Black on the DVD, and started checking out on the Internet by searching and, man, was that something to try to find out.

As a matter of fact, no one seems to really know what it was! And apparently everyone thinks that everyone who would know for sure is now dead.

There certainly is a lot of speculation but no firm answers. I looked at all the type of cars that were suggested and certainly none of those cars (at least in their stock look) fits the bill.

Here is a screenshot of the front of the car:

Boston Black Car (Front)

Boston Black Car (Front)

And here is a screenshot of the car from the rear:

Boston Black Car (Rear)

Boston Black Car (Rear)

I was wondering if anyone has an idea of what type of car it is, or maybe it was just a custom car made for the show. I have never seen anything close to it (and I looked at half a dozen links from the Google search and nothing really matched it), except maybe in my mind from an old Batman comic. LOL!

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