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I love Google but they are trying my patience

I have always loved Google. But of late they have really tried my patience in regard to several things relayed to privacy and their Google Chrome browser.

The first thing I noticed about Google Chrome was NO Google Chrome for PPC Macs 😦

I really don’t get it. Picassa and Google Chrome do not work on PPC Macs, but Google Earth and Google Notifier do??

I rarely ever run Beta browsers these days with malware so prevalent but, this is just plain mean of Google. They even have multiple ports for Linux and will even run on 10.4 Tiger–but not on PPC??!?


The second thing is the Omni address bar. But thankfully you can turn that off. I don’t use the Google Toolbar so I would not want the Omni bar features either and thankfully Google gives you the ability to turn that off in the settings. Course I had to find that out from through their WindowsSecrets Newsletter. 😉 This week Ian “Gizmo” Richards also talked about the security related sandboxing of individual tabs in Google Chrome and the expanded pool of Extensions.

Of course, there was much more in the Windows Secrets Newsletter … Thank you Brian Livingston and all the writers! I love it!

Google Chrome: Mac OS X Tiger and Windows XP

I get so fed up with the crap with Google and Apple.

OK, where am I coming from?

Let’s go back a bit…

Back in 2001, October 25, 2001, Windows XP came out.

April 29, 2005, Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) came out.

Now it is 2010. Windows XP is nearly 10 years old and Mac OS X Tiger is only 5 years old.

Google comes out with Chrome, and only releases it for Leopard and up and only on Intel Macs which only came out in the Mac world in the last couple years.

But, releases it for a nearly 10 year old Windows XP?!

What the heck is going on here!?!

There are still plenty of PPC Macs out there running Tiger. There is no reason it can’t be ported to PPC Macs … at the very least to Tiger; but if you go by years (nearly 10 years since Windows XP was released), it should actually work on earlier PPC Macs than Tiger.

Google really needs to get their head out of the Intel sandbox and think about their other users. BTW: Google Gears hasn’t been ported either.

Well, it turns out it is Mozilla and Apple!

Turns out that the problem I was having regarding speaking text was both Apple And Mozilla.

I went into the Speech section of the System Preferences, and looked at the setting for the keystrokes for speaking text and set it to Control V. Now even though it doesn’t it ‘show’ Speak under Services, Speech, it does now work in Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey by highlighting and using the Control V key combo.

Very happy there was a work around for it. 😀 (At least for the Speak Text).

Still need to have Thunderbird be able to print individual Address Book cards; instead of only the complete Address Book. That only changed recently and I don’t like it one bit. Very annoying issue.

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