Daddy…Loving Memory

Blogging really helped me during one of the most difficult times of my life … when my Dad passed away in 2005 from a recurring brain tumor.

Blogs are great, but they tend to put the newest blogs first, which generally works well … however reverse order makes it difficult for folks to find the posts in their proper order for something like following the thread of a progression in time, so I am posting the links in their proper order here:

Congratulations Daddy, you made it! 73 and counting!

I Come To The Garden Alone


To My Dad .. In Loving Memory

Memorial Day…

Until We meet again …

There were also a few others after the last one that can be found here in their blog order, including one after my nephew Jacob was murdered entitled: We miss you Daddy.

Life is such a fragile thing … handle with care.

I love you and miss you so much Daddy … my Pappa. As I said once before, I will not say good bye, but until we meet again…

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