Today feels like some sort of dream or nightmare, I will wake up and this horrible thing will be gone. I feel like I have a cottony fogginess in my brain and am in tears more than not and at times I just lose it.

I miss you Sweetie … you can’t be gone, but you are…

Here’s the page I created for Jim’s passing:

Loving Memory… My Husband, James Lee Radcliffe aka JimmyLee

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  1. I am so sorry Fran but if it helps any, JL was loved by many of us and we thought a great deal of him. He was a great man and I considered him to be a good friend of mine. It seems like all the good ones pass before their time. I will greatly miss JL as he has been a dear friend of mine over the years.

    Honestly it is surreal and hasn’t really hit me yet and I am a bit at a lost. Things will not be the same without JL. He is definitely one of a kind

    I tend to hold in my emotions but I greatly saddened by this. I have had many close relatives and friends over the years but he will be greatly missed. 

    I will miss talking to him everyday and keep waiting on him to chime in on IRC

    • Thanks Josh and Eric!

      I thought losing my Dad was the worst thing to happen in my life back in 2005.

      I had no idea how bad it could get to lose a soulmate…

  2. Deepest condolences, Fran.

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