I have had a few issues with certificates over time in Google Chrome and Safari.

NOTE: Firefox and Opera had no such issues. This was truly a Mac OS X Keychain issue that affected both Google Chrome and Safari.

They both trust the Mac OS X Keychain.

OK, so what was this all about. LastPass.com is something that some folks have started using because it just makes life easier. And it has been thoroughly tested by many geeks that I know. So I wanted to test it out as well.

I recently had an issue with LastPass.com’s certificate and it is from a well-known certificate provider. And not one of the less inexpensive ones either.

I searched and got a bunch of possibilities, none of which worked.

I finally went back to Safari to see if they had a way to fix the certificate issue since Google Chrome was a dead end on any possible fix.

Sure enough. There was a way to fix it using Safari. And voila now it works great  in both Safari and Google Chrome. Just have to look at the Certificate and it offers the fix by changing the settings through Safari’s Certificate viewer.

Basically does the same thing as opening the OS X’s Keychain Access in the Utilities folder. I had already tried that earlier several times with password lock open and it even prompted for password, but it didn’t work! And I know that you have to make at least a single change for it to actually fix anything you try to fix in the Keychain Access App. But as I say, it didn’t work.

But doing it through Safari did. Now I can get to LastPass.com with no problems and securely … no more complaining about the certificate that was already working fine in Firefox and Opera.

Even after syncing on iOS with iTunes after fixing it in Safari and Google Chrome, no go on LastPass app working though.

Likely need Premium. And no way to test that, since no trial available like there is on Android Google Play.

Yep. That’s what that was apparently. The Premium LastPass app works fine. Just deleted the iOS 6 LastPass Wallet after it auto populated with the Premium LastPass. I don’t keep any financial stuff in there but for personal prefs for some sites it’s a very nice program. And everything is encrypted and if I lose the password … then it’s my own daggone fault.

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