I find it very sad to see so many get upset, accusatory, having a lack of understanding, etc. when it comes to anything, but particularly in belief systems, and in computer technology.

I think Steve Wozniak said one of the most profound statements recently in a Gizmodo Q&A, and it was part of an answer within a totally unrelated question.

Don’t be judgmental. Don’t call yourself right and others, who do different things, wrong. Same for computer and smart phone platforms.
~ Steve Wozniak

That quote came at the end the fourth question here from the article, How Steve Wozniak Became the Genius Who Invented the Personal Computer – Gizmodo Q&A

I hope more will wake up and smell the coffee like JamesParadise response when he read it in the same Q&A:

i like the last line there. my friends and i get heated over android/ios etc and the drug comparison puts it in perspective. i don’t like people criticizing my marijuana use so i should stop judging people based on their platform of choice.

And as Norbes responded:

Agreed, now only if you could get that point across to the rest of the people out there.

You got that right!

Tolerance is important. People are important. The differences between people should be celebrated whether it is belief systems, or operating systems: Linux, Android, BSD, Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Windows 8 RT.

That doesn’t mean we have to believe as others, or use the devices, or OSes others use, but it does mean we should all remember Vive La Différence! It’s not just to celebrate the differences between the sexes anymore. 😉


EDIT: corrected a typo – responded

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  1. While I agree with this sentiment, I find it naively Utopian. The human animal will continue to murder its fellows who believe differently, look different, or for power/profit for a long time to come.

    • I hear ya, but I think attempting to rise above the bad, negative or mean side of human nature is not naively Utopian.

      This whole philosophy is actually very similar to Bruno’s desire to have an environment conducive to learning at Scot’s Newsletter Forums; where people could feel comfortable enough to speak up, question, learn. A place where there were no personal attacks or negative discussion about people’s lack of understanding of Linux, the ability or inability to grasp concepts the first time they were presented, or even subsequent times they are presented, because they were simply a newbie, errr, Linux Explorer and trying to learn alien concepts. Some never even learned these types of things with Windows or Macs.

      Bruno made BATL (Bruno’s All Things Linux) at Scot’s Newsletter Forum such a great place to learn that people were not afraid to speak up, or question their own understanding of what they thought they knew, or where trying to grasp new things was encouraged and fostered in a positive way. The way Bruno did that was to foster an environment where people felt comfortable enough to actually ask sometimes embarrassing questions, show their lack of understanding, and thereby be able learn in an area that they were totally unfamiliar with. And some of these same people are now trying to do the same thing for others now that Bruno is no longer with us.

      It’s the same thing really. Kindness goes a long way in life, and in learning, or just in being tolerant of others’ choices in life, religion, technology, etc. Sure, we often know, or find out along the way what is best for ourselves, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best for everyone; nor can it be. And we can’t force that on others.

      Time has shown that one can learn (and sometimes faster with pain, meanness and fear), but it is not a good way to learn, and has many long lasting negative side effects. A little understanding, tolerance and allowing a person’s dignity can get there too, but by bringing true understanding in the areas needed. One person at a time; like a ripple in a pond expanding outward.

      Otherwise, it tends to simply recreate the same kind of intolerance along the way and actually makes things worse, and the worst part is that it is all generally out of good intentions. You know the old saying about good intentions…

  2. From a personal viewpoint, I believe it is a good thing for people to be tolerant and value human diversity. If each of use chose to live that way, the world would surely be a better place. Sadly, there will always be those who do not share our views on this. As long as there are “us and thems” in the world, there will be conflict and violence. The human animal must learn to think in terms of “we”, not “us and them” or “mine and yours”, etc.

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