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Graph Website: StatCounter Global Statistics from April 2011 to March 2012.

I totally agree that Windows 7 conversion is actually speeding up. I have seen that in my own customers (mainly consumer customers not corporate customers). And certainly it has progressed quite a bit since October 2010 when it was still 66% for Windows XP users comparatively:

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Click on the image (image dated 10/2010) to go to the article at ConceivablyTech.

But in June 28, 2011 TMCNet reported, Many Computer Users Still Stuck in the Windows XP Era and as of April 9, 2012 at TechCrunch: Two More Years: Microsoft Reminds Windows XP Users That It’s About Time To Upgrade:

Windows XP, the operating system that launched in 2001 and just refuses to die, will still be getting security updates and hotfixes until April 8, 2014. With “just” two more years to go, though, Microsoft today reminded these users that it’s about time to upgrade their PCs. Microsoft stopped selling retail copies of XP in 2008. Just like XP, support for Office 2003 will also end in April 2014, so Microsoft is also using this occasion to remind these users that Office 2010 is indeed a viable alternative to an office suite that was released more than eight and a half years ago.

Despite, all this, Windows XP is still holding the top Windows OS spot … if only by a little.

And let’s not forget Office 2003 (still using this one myself*) which is also on it’s way out in 2014…sigh? Still hate that Ribbon quite a bit.

* NOTE: currently still using Microsoft Office 2003 on one Windows computer, as well as the latest version of LibreOffice on my Mac OS X, and in Linux.

In less then 2 years now, I will either need to go to MS Office 2010, or make the move fully to one of the free alternatives. Still hoping I can still use all three depending on what OS I am working in. But there’s time yet to decide on that. As there is for the Windows XP move. Of course, I already have a Retail Windows 7 Ultimate (but the hardware died that it was on). Good thing it was a Retail Windows 7.

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