Evening Orchid Corvair!

evening orchid corvair '65 - world o' jeff

evening orchid corvair '65 - world o' jeff

I have always said that the right car in the wrong color is the wrong car. No beige 1959 Cadillacs for me, thank you.

A lady named Emily in the store last week casually mentioned that she was selling her 1965 Corvair that she had owned for 25 years. “What color”, I asked, which is always my first question when someone tells me about a car. “It’s called Evening Orchid”, she replied. “It’s kind of a lilac”.

Thank you Jeff and frapper!

I now know that My lavender and white Corvair convertible wasn’t a custom paint job but a real Chevrolet color of the day! Evening orchid. The only difference between mine and this one is mine had a white convertible top and white white wall tires … so it was like the yellow one I posted, but this color! Awesome!

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  1. Wow, that is a beautiful photo of a stunning car from the future 🙂

    • You think those pics are great … check out this one. Most of them are pretty small so you can’t get as much detail, but I found this one yesterday that has some much better size/resolution than many of them:

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