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Rest in peace, Michael S. Hart! You have done a wonderful thing in your Project Gutenberg! May your family be comforted by the knowledge that we all love you and will miss you greatly!

Project Gutenberg founder Michael S. Hart has died – Jacket Copy by Carolyn Kellogg at LATimes
e-Book Founder Michael S. Hart Dies At 64 – NPR Morning Edition with David Greene (mp3 and transcript) (has a soundbite of Michael S. Hart on Science Friday)

There is also a great piece over at the newly revamped Linux.com website by Nathan Willis entitled, Project Gutenberg and You: Using Open Source to Contribute to PG

There are so many great facets of the Gutenberg Project! And the article at Linux.com really outlines them well! And they are all in the public domain and DRM FREE!

Thank you Michael S. Hart! And the entire Gutenberg Project members! Which can really be any of us in so many areas!

For a while when I had the time, I even helped proof read some of the OCR scanned books. I really want to get back to that soon if they are still doing that. Gonna have to check on that…Yep, they do (link in the Linux.com article). 🙂

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