Well, here in the sunny south, a week and a day before official Winter, it has been snowing all morning.

We also had a very cold spell last week and will have one again this week. How cold? It was in the teens overnight here in Virginia in early December. And will be again this week. And this week we have the added ‘benefit’ of wind chill factors that may tumble into the single digits at least one day this week.

OK, you guys up in Canada? Take back your arctic air! We have had enough already! LOL!

This is only the first half of December. What do we have to look forward to by the time the real cold gets here in January and February (besides higher orange juice prices due to even Florida having very cold (for them this time of year) weather?

Global Warming, my a….nevermind.

Hope you all enjoy the Christmas Theme and snow on my blog for the Christmas holidays 2010. 🙂

Comments on: "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow" (7)

  1. It’ll be freezing here in Tampa overnight, but now snow. BRRRRR!

    • Looks like nobody’s gonna be able to afford orange juice once the agriculture report comes out first of the year…

      Don’t feel bad, same here. Eric! 15F overnight tonight. Thursday snow/sleet & feezing rain Thursday night. Snow Saturday night too!

      Just wait, after all this, it will be freezing col and no snow for Christmas! LOL!

  2. I meant “no snow”. Jeeeez! I can’t feel my fingers. 😦

  3. Oh… and I like the new Christmas theme! 🙂

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