Well, after several years of no power outages to be speaking about (since Hurricane Isabel), we have been without power for about 15 +/- hrs.

Thank God for batteries; here at the house and at Verizon Wireless – otherwise I wouldn’t be able to check on news, weather, or other articles today.

Since there isn’t much else I am able to do this morning, I was checking the news related articles.

Here are some random thoughts…

Of course areas with greater population density get power back first .. It’s financially and publicity wise of top priority… Sigh.

Being on the grid for rural areas may not make sense, but it does make dollars… People, and not just in rural areas really need to think about that. Maybe it is time to think of alternative solutions to the Grid. Think about it… Think of the chaos of no electricity for whatever reason … War, weather, economic unrest, etc. Do you have sustainable alternatives?

Beatles. Apparently, John Lenin’s wife and apparently other Beatles member estates and likely Paul too, are still unhappy with their piece of the pie possibilities on the Apple iTunes Music Store. What is it with them anyway?

I understand that they want more money/control? But come on, this is a music store for pity’s sake! If they want to make money on their music, why not be in the largest music store out there?

We were talking about this and I was saying, this would be as stupid as going to an old style record store and not being able to buy The Beatles, and I was told that is what happened! There were record stores that weren’t allowed to carry The Beatles albums! They have always been unreasonable about who can sell their music and at what price! Unbelievable.

Well, I have an answer for them. If they want to be buttheads, I just won’t buy their music from ANY music outlet that is allowed to sell their music. Period. I have had it with egotistical people who think ‘they are all that’.

9.5% Unemployment. Even with the job increases in July.

Tons of banks, corporations, small businesses going under. Even Barnes & Noble selling out and the have been around for 100 yrs or more… This is nuts.

Businesses leaving the country. Maybe it is time to institute some of Austalia’s philosophies on jobs, what can be sold here, etc?

Our own government gives our tax dollars to bail out companies and banks that apparently have managed to squander it in many cases, and still aren’t giving the relief to the public that was promised, and now often still going bankrupt!

And who will pay for that? The taxpayers! From every angle possible; from interest rates, to prices at stores, to their businesses failing, to inflation, to higher taxes, ultimately, for something none of us little people – the taxpayers – have even authorized ‘our’ government to do … The taxpayers should never have been burdened with this. If a company or bank is gonna fail, let them!! Before we all go under with them!

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