I have always loved Google. But of late they have really tried my patience in regard to several things relayed to privacy and their Google Chrome browser.

The first thing I noticed about Google Chrome was NO Google Chrome for PPC Macs 😦

I really don’t get it. Picassa and Google Chrome do not work on PPC Macs, but Google Earth and Google Notifier do??

I rarely ever run Beta browsers these days with malware so prevalent but, this is just plain mean of Google. They even have multiple ports for Linux and will even run on 10.4 Tiger–but not on PPC??!?


The second thing is the Omni address bar. But thankfully you can turn that off. I don’t use the Google Toolbar so I would not want the Omni bar features either and thankfully Google gives you the ability to turn that off in the settings. Course I had to find that out from WindowsSecrets.com through their WindowsSecrets Newsletter. 😉 This week Ian “Gizmo” Richards also talked about the security related sandboxing of individual tabs in Google Chrome and the expanded pool of Extensions.

Of course, there was much more in the Windows Secrets Newsletter … Thank you Brian Livingston and all the writers! I love it!

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