Well, had to cut the time with my family a day short due to the pending snow storm since they were calling for the once a decade or two snow storm here in Virginia. They are calling for a combined accumulation of a 12 inches or more here in our area between overnight last night and overnight Sunday.

Many in the north wouldn’t think twice about that kind of snow storm, but here in the ‘Sunny South’ you don’t get them very often and the State and local governments and the utilities are generally not particularly well prepared for these types of events in the South.

When I lived in up north at the Jersey Shore we had many, many snow storms and ice storms over the years that I lived there, and I can only remember a few in all those years as being particularly dangerous – one was an ice storm in early 70s (beautiful!!! but the black ice was very scary and solid and you had to go about 5mph or less inching along so you didn’t hit the other cars on your way to work), and another was a snow storm while I was pregnant with our second daughter in Feb/March ’77 – I remember that one because I fell on my hip in a parking lot of solid ice/snow when I was 8 months pregnant (no problems with the fall but I was afraid there might be).

As far as this storm goes for today and tomorrow — January 30 and January 31 2010 — so far, there was a dusting on the roof when we went to sleep late last night but this morning, the roof was heavy with snow, somewhere between 4-6 inches already on the ground when we got up, and the snow was coming down heavy.

Should be an interesting weekend. Picked up some things that can be eaten without much fuss just in case the electricity goes out like it did in the snow storm a decade ago.

We do tend to get some big winter type storms once every decade or so. Here are a couple notable snow/ice storms in Virginia since I moved to Virginia in the mid 80s.

February 1989: This was a month of big swings in the weather for Southeast Virginia. Twice, Norfolk saw record high temperatures in the mid 70°s followed by a significant snowfall. The two storms dumped a record 24.4 inches of snow in Norfolk. Over 14 inches occurred during one 24-hour period. It was the most snow to occur in one month in southeast Virginia in the last 100 years.

It was a shame the kids were sick with bronchitis at the time and couldn’t go outside during that storm. We made a snow man for them and they chose the eyes, nose, and other decorations for the snow man. Even our dog pitched in and added his own decoration, LOL!

After we moved to Southside Virginia (still Hampton Roads but South of the James River) — The Christmas Ice Storm 1998, where we lost power for many days and the after affects seemed to hang on and on into January 1999:

December 23, 1998, “The Christmas Ice Storm”: A major ice storm struck central and southeast Virginia beginning on Wednesday, December 23 and lasting into Friday, December 25, Christmas Day. Icy conditions caused injuries from slips and falls and numerous vehicle accidents. Ice accumulations of up to an inch brought down trees and power lines. Outages were so widespread (400,000 customers on Christmas Eve) that some people were without power for up to ten days.

Snow is generally easier to deal with than ice, but we shall see what happens here in our area this time. We used batteries to light the Christmas Tree in 1998 due to the massive power outage. We are survivors and we just treated it like camping out and played with our batteries, and had kerosene heaters to heat the house so we didn’t really worry about things as much as some. We made coffee on top of the big kerosene heater and broke out our camp stove to cook on as well.

BTW: They were calling for some mix of sleet with the snow for a time today, and it sounds like we may be getting some of that at the moment.

Maybe my Jim will feel up to taking some pictures of the storm later today.

I will try to do updates to this posting throughout the day or make a new posting.

Looks beautiful!

I don’t expect this to be scary on the scale of scary storms up north but I do expect to be really inconvenienced LOL!

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