R.I.P Root

Rest in peace Root. The most excellent cat we ever had. He will be missed so very much.

Root's tolerance of his embarrassing humans - 7-15-2009

Kidneys are an important thing in the life of any animal or human, including cats.

Root will be joining our birds and our dog now.

You can see a few images of our old pets, on flickr here and some others on my home page photo gallery here.

Lee thanks for your kindness during this terrible time. Thanks also to all the rest of the CNIRadio.com chat on equnet.org #cni for their support.

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  1. leecrampton said:

    JL had commented on seeing a photo of Pax that he could be a twin brother of root. Who could have known that they would depart this life so close togther in time.
    It is a deeply painful experience and you might take a tiny bit of comfort in knowing that we can truly empathise having been there so recently ourselves.
    We are thinking about you.

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