Well, I tested out the video on my camera today and took some footage of Henrietta and the chicks. I have two separate files; one short for the dialup impaired, and one long for broadband users.

Below find the links. Just right click and choose save target as, or equivalent in your browser. They are full quality AVI files.

Henrietta and the Chicks 9-20-2008 short version (1.2MB)

Henrietta and the Chicks 9-20-2008 long version (46.7MB)

OK, I took care of compressing the video in iMovie HD, sharing it to an MPEG4 file, and uploading it to Google Video. So, here’s the smaller and lower quality video streaming version of the long one at Google Video:

If you want to watch it here, here’s the caption I placed on Google Video:

Starring Henrietta and her 3 week old chicks. In the background, you might also hear a morning dove and a rooster in the video. The chicks were born at a friend’s farm here in Virginia (they have raised chickens for 15 years). This is our first ever attempt at raising chickens. They are very entertaining. Henrietta is a Buff Brahma Bantams and her chicks are a cross between Buff Brahma Bantams and B.B. Red Old English Game Bantams. The movie was shot with a Samsung Digimax 530 and converted with iMovie on the Mac.

If you want to go to Google Video, the link is:

Henrietta and the Chicks

If you can’t see the video due to bandwidth limitations, there are some still shots of Henrietta and the Chicks here.

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