I remember when I first moved to the Mac, it was wonderful! It still is mostly a great experience, except for a few things that have changed….and not in a good way. The change is very unwelcome.

Mind you I don’t know who’s feet to lay this problem, but it must be either Mozilla or Apple or some combination problem.

When I first moved to the Mac (Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger), I could print Thunderbird’s Address Cards individually. I can still print the entire TB Address Book but I can’t print cards. How many times do you think printing the ‘entire’ address book is helpful? Not much really for me, but printing individual cards worked and worked well for me up till sometime in the last month or so. So I am guessing either the latest updates by Apple or Mozilla. And since I have been using Thunderbird and Firefox since I started using the Mac and it used to work in both, and now it doesn’t I just don’t know who’s feet to lay this complaint….Mozilla or Apple or both!

I still mainly use Tiger because I don’t have enough memory to make ‘living’ in Leopard an option, although I do still have Leopard and use it when needed (like when Vista Photo CDs are flaky and won’t be read by other OSes including Tiger and other versions of Windows).

I really can’t imagine why Apple would be so foolish as to turn off (or disallow Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox to make use of) things like the ability to Speak Text or print individual Address Book entries (BTW: I have tried it with two different printers that both used to do this with no problems at all until recently). Neither one will print individual cards anymore. More on the Speak Text issue below.

Also Speaking highlighted text within webpages is now missing in Firefox and in emails in Thunderbird. Speak is there under Services, but in Firefox and Thunderbird “Start speaking Text” is now dimmed and CTRL V (not Command V) will no longer speak the highlighted text.

It would make no sense to have a ‘system’ feature like that turned off just for Mozilla’s latest version of Thunderbird ( and Firefox (3.0.1). Can’t blame it entirely on version 3.x since Thunderbird used to do it to and it’s still at version 2.x.

Hmmm, let’s see if Speak Text is also turned off in Camino and Opera and Seamonkey?

Seamonkey – No Speak Text available…dimmed. (version 1.1.9)

Camino – Now that’s interesting, Camino still has Speak Text! (version 1.6.3) (NOTE: Camino tries to be very Mac like so no real surprise there)

Opera – No Speak Text available…dimmed. (version 9.51)

I updated Opera to version 9.52 and now it works! Might be using Opera a bit more now! Thanks Opera, much appreciated!

Opera – Speak Text works! (version 9.52)

And of course Speak Text works in Apple Native products on the Mac like Safari and Mail.

So, that leads me to believe that the problem is not Apple’s problem since three non-Apple browsers can make use of Speak Text.

And since Thunderbird is Mozilla’s as well, that makes me think it is a Mozilla issue with Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey. And of course I used to be able to print individual cards in the Thunderbird Address Book and now I can’t. So that seems to be Mozilla’s issue as well.

I hope Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird (as well as Seamonkey) teams will put this functionality back in the browser and email clients.

Plus I hope the Thunderbird team will work on getting the print function for individual Address Book cards back in Thunderbird. The Address Book is very nice in Thunderbird, but the Address Book becomes burdensome without that much needed functionality. And since it used to do that, it seems that there is no reason why it doesn’t now. I think maybe it was some sort of oversight during updates, just like i think it was with Firefox to forget about Speak Text functionality.

Both of these current issues were not issues in previous versions of Firefox and Thunderbird.

I wouldn’t bother to say anything about these items, except I love both Firefox and Thunderbird but I need these two things to work again.

BTW: I love Firefox 3.0.1 very much otherwise and Firefox’s new Print Page As PDF feature in Apple’s version of the Firefox 3 browser is awesome! (I have to say I wish that functionality was here in the Windows version of Firefox 3 too). Before that, I would have to choose Print, Save As PDF and it didn’t always do as good a job as I would have liked. Sometimes pieces of the page were missing. So I really like this new feature a lot. The pages are always there. And thanks for all the other wonderful things in Firefox 3.0.1! I truely love it!

I don’t know about others, but my eyes get very tired and water horribly when they get so tired. I need to rest them occasionally and having the articles read to me makes it much easier to still keep up with things and rest my eyes. I am sure others use it for the same reasons in today’s world. At least those of us in the Baby Boomer age. Oh, wait, did I say that, I forgot, I am only 29 (for a few times 😉 ).

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