Dendron had it’s first snow of the season, this past week. I waited till I had the new pictures that JimmyLee had taken ready to put up in the new JimmyLee and Bambi’s Photo Gallery, along with a couple other sets of images (consisting of just a few slideshows/galleries). I expect to add more as time goes on. Just haven’t had time to devote to it just now.


EDIT 1/27/2008: JimmyLee and Bambi’s Photo Gallery has moved to JimmyLee’s site here.

Comments on: "2008 First Snow of the Season" (2)

  1. Heh, is that what you guys call that snow out there?

    *This* is snow… 😉

  2. Actually, no way! LOL! I don’t call it snow! I spent 25 yrs in NJ:


    But here in the “South” apparently this is somewhat normal. Only get a ‘decent’ snow storm every 7-10 yrs approx. Last really good one was in 1998-99:

    Hit Christmas Eve. We were without power for nearly two weeks in the dead of winter. No fun. And that was here in Virginia!

    But, most years we don’t see more than this a few times.

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