If you spend time on dialup versus broadband (even at the entry level for throughput and bandwidth limitations that many providers in this country pass off for broadband), you realize very quickly that you forgot how slow it was and you are not going back there!

Well, for many of us in this once great nation, we have no choice but to daily use dialup, or have to spend hundreds of dollars per month on fractional T1s, or full T1s if fractional isn’t available, or two phone lines to the tune of believe it or not with only extended calling (and you really need extended calling to get an ISP that has even a semblance of reasonable rates) which runs about $45-$46/mo PER LINE (because there are no breaks on a second line), just to get a MAXIMUM of 3.6-4.4K+3.6-4.4K or 11.2K analog, not digital.

But wait there’s more. Then you have to pay an ISP for dual line dialup! In our area, it would put us at about $100 a month for 11.2K of analog dialup bandwidth.

This is downright idiotic. Every day you hear about another area that’s already bursting with broadband, getting even more bandwidth down the pike!!! And here we sit on dialup! Still getting the same stupid rhetoric from Verizon, “Maybe in a year or two.” At that rate, after 8-9 yrs of asking, we should be on FiOS by now, right! NOPE!

Still on dialup.

And we are trying to run a home-based business this way believe it or not!

I have talked to COX.net, and after a very nice lady said she would have someone come out for a look see and then they would get back to me, I am still waiting to hear back … it’s been at least 2 months since she said they would call back. I guess I will have to call them back.

Charter.net is only 5-6 miles down the road, Verizon about 4 miles down the road, and from what I understand Cox.net brought fiber to within 3 miles of here and turned the corner to to the schools.

Broadband is so close you can almost taste it … but they won’t come into our small town.

According to Sen. Joe Biden, although we’ve led the world in educational standards historically, in the last 20 years, the rest of the world has caught up with the U.S. with “warp speed. Some of them have gone beyond us.”

That’s why Sen. Joe Biden’s talk that I found on SpeedMatters really struck a chord with me. I am so tired of not having broadband at our home. Here’s a link to the Youtube video of Sen. Biden’s talk.

EDIT: Of course you’d need broadband to take advantage of seeing the YouTube video … unfortunately!

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