Weird Windy Weather

Well, we’ve had some weird windy weather during thunderstorms of late. In the last couple weeks, toward the Jamestown end of the Colonial Parkway, some very heavy wind caused some major tree damage along the Colonial Parkway near College Creek bridge. Some of the trees in this area were snapped off and or twisted up as if they were just twigs or wood matches instead of full size trees. The Colonial Park Service has cleaned up a fair amount of the larger debris but there is so much of it and some of the evidence of this is permanently marked on trees that despite the ravages of the wind, are still ‘standing.’

And on Thursday, July 19th we had some freaky winds came up again during a thunderstorm with some major gusts.

The gusts were strong enough to push four boats at the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry dock on the Jamestown/Williamsburg side. These boats actually came right up the ferry dock. A sailboat’s mast broke a glass window in a car as it swayed over the dock. It seems the dock itself was hit by at least once by one of the boats.

Jamestown-Scotland Ferry dock - day of the ferry dock boat accident due to freak winds.

The image above was taken from the upper deck of the ferry, after waiting for about 30 minutes for ambulances and police cars to leave. Then VDOT came to inspect the dock to be sure it was safe for transporting vehicles to the ferry.

You can still see the emergency vehicles on the ferry dock bridge. At that time, the big sailboat was wedged up against the side of the bridge with the mast striking the side of the bridge. One car reportedly lost a window when the sailboat impacted the bridge and the mast struck the car. This was reported by an lady observer that was near the car when it was damaged. From all reports so far, no one was injured.

I have checked the local papers online (Virginia Gazette, Daily Press, Virginian Pilot), and VDOT’s website News and apparently no-one is talking about this so far. Maybe the <a href=”Virginia Gazette,” the local paper from Williamsburg will carry it on Saturday (today).

Jamestown-Scotland Ferry dock - Three boats still aground at the ferry dock Friday after the ferry dock boat freak accident on Thursday due to freak winds.

This picture was taken Friday, July 20th and as you can see three of the four boats are still there. Although the large sailboat appears to have run aground, it is somewhat further from the bridge at this time than it was on Thursday. (Look close at this second picture. You might want to notice the water line on the two boats in the foreground.)

EDIT:Daily Press Williamsburg office said they reported on this, but if you look at their site in the local Williamsburg section, or do a search, nothing at all comes up referencing the Ferry from this month. So maybe they meant it was a print article only? Anyway, there is a link now at with a story about this! It’s entitled, Storm destroys Boy Scout sailboats.

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