Rolling Stone‘s Brian Hiatt and Evan Serpick (with additional reporting by Steve Knopper and Nicole Frehsée) wrote a great piece in Rolling Stone’s news section entitled, “The Record Industry Decline.”

BTW: Happy 40th Anniversary Rolling Stone!!

The article rightly indicates that the real problem is mainly with the Recording Industry themselves. The article also sadly shows they still don’t seem to get it (with the exception of EMI who at least is trying to get it even though it likely scares them too).


The article talks about the music industry’s plummeting sales (down 16% this year alone so far), even as Universal/Vivendi dickers around with Apple over the contract with iTunes. Why? Control?! Where is their head at anyway?! Soon if they keep going the way they are going, there will have NO INDUSTRY anyway! So what are they worrying Apple about? They should be bowing down and kissing their feet for showing them “The Way.” Even more so now that Apple is showing them that they need to change to unencumbered digital files if they want to sell more.

Steve Jobs is right. If they want to renew the music industry, they need to give their customers what they want! They will have more money than they know what to do with even with filesharing! if they do that.

I have bought 1/2 a dozen songs in the last few weeks from EMI’s new 256KB iTunes Plus digital music library.

Why? Because they are high quality and unencumbered with DRM. I would probably buy more if they weren’t putting MY information in the downloads. I hate being spied upon as most folks do. That’s why I generally DO NOT BUY digital music except from eMusic where they are in unencumbered MP3 format.

And what do their customers want? They/We want what many Independent Artists have already been giving them, and what EMI has started giving them — high quality digital downloads that at least rival the CDs they could buy, unencumbered with DRM. Plain and simple.

Then they can stop criminalizing their customers and potential customers, and go after the REAL pirates — those who are copying their music to SELL for a profit.

Some times I really think everyone associated with the record labels in the Record Industry have neanderthal brains! OK, sorry EMI, I know you are trying!! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s wrong and how to fix it.

DRM does NOT stop piracy. It stops paying customers from doing what they want (listening to their music on their various devices, and operating systems, etc.) with the music they have paid for!


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