I know, I could be talking about the iPhone, which I dearly love! I just love cutting edge technology that fits right in with Klok/Brian’s Buttons. One of which says, “Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology.” 🙂

But why bother when so many have already talked and talked and talked about the iPhone…including us on our JimmyLee and Bambi Show on CNI Radio last week and this week!

Besides, I am waiting for Apple’s new iPDA (they just have to do one!!!) that is everything that the iPhone is except NO phone! Of course, I would want a slot for a large SD card, a “To Do” list for the calendar app and the ability of developers to write widgets and other apps for it (don’t forget people get more excited about things that are more open and that they can tailor to their wants and needs as well as having great tech!), a self-serviceable battery (so you can carry a spare), as well as better integration with existing iPod accouterments. 😉 But that’s just me.

However, the real reason for this posting is to let all the CNI Radio, Firesign Theatre and Klok, aka Brian Converse family and friends know that we have updated Brian’s Klok Memorial with a couple cool pictures kindly supplied by Fred Davis for the Memorial — including Brian’s collection of ID Tagss and Buttonss! 😉 Enjoy!

EDIT: 7/9/2007 – Added an additional picture from Fred Davis. Brian/Klok and Fred/Pen Umbra on the beach at Cape Code in 1999.

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