OK, so maybe the subject doesn’t mesh with the original “Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh, My!” but hey, oh well. 😉 I said it just to say, you have to know that Google must have someone’s dander up! Can’t imagine who (1, 2, 3, 4, more) ?!

Granted, Google may not be fully living up to it’s ‘do no evil’ policy (certainly not as much as I’d like), but they are no where near the rest of the pack, yet (and hopefully won’t ever be!!).

Sheesh. Close all Google accounts? It took me a long time to even trust Google enough to even open an account of any kind, but I can tell you that even then, I trusted Google a heck of a lot more than I trusted MSN/Hotmail and dare we say, AOH…errr, AOL, or even Yahoo!?

Yahoo and MSN/Hotmail apparently keep your data ‘indefinitely.’ And we all know ‘indefinitely’ is longer than ‘2 years,’ right?

Granted 2 years is much longer than I think any company should be keeping personally identifiable data, but it’s no where near as long as till ‘hell freezes over,’ which is basically how I read ‘indefinitely.’

And you want to talk about privacy issues, what about credit card companies, stores, and banks, marketing companies, and the government for Pete’s sake! Or outsourced companies? They all have not only kept personally identifiable data, but didn’t secure it very well either! If Google is SO BAD that you should be closing all the accounts, then what should we be thinking about this Chronology of Data Breaches, huh?

Somebody needs to get some perspective, no?

Regarding Google’s accounts. Mainly the reason it took me a long time to trust Google for other things, where you sign in to make use of them, is that Google is my search engine of choice and I do not login to do searches and that’s an annoyance factor I wasn’t looking forward to. I don’t like to mix search engines and logins. That’s why it took me a long time to even THINK about getting a login for anything else that Google does.

And I still would NEVER use Google Desktop, and a few other items that cross the boundaries between the desktop and the Internet. But Google is doing some pretty awesome things and if they can secure them, it will be REALLY BIG!! Hmmm, maybe that’s really the problem, eh? 😉

But, come on! Garett Rogers said it best in his posting Close all Google accounts: Google doesn’t care about privacy:”

Clearly Google doesn’t care about privacy — excuse me while I download several months worth of “anonymous” search history from a company with better privacy practices than Google. (Please note the sarcasm)

NOTE: Don’t forget to hover over and check out each word’s link in Garrett’s statement above.

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