I have not bought any music from the Big Four Labels except for a few used CDs from garage sales, and maybe a few from eMusic over the last 6 months, although I gravitate toward audio books, etc. and Independent Artists or Artists who are releasing music on non Big Four Labels.

However, I have broken my own boycott in order to send a message to the Big Four Labels.

I have just started buying from iTunes for the first time ever.
One might ask why since I can get good music from eMusic too. Of course I can and I do.

But EMI and Apple have done something wonderful! For the first time ever, a Big Four Label has made their music available in digital form without DRM.

I said I might do this back when Steve Jobs first announced it, but I kept vacillating over it. I really didn’t want to be a part of the RIAA feeding frenzy which is one of the main reasons I stopped buying in the first place back when they took down Napster because they refused to see reality and anyone with half a brain knew that turning normal average citizens into criminals was not good for this country.

They refused to see they needed to change with the times!

Well, now Steve Jobs and EMI have teamed up to do just that! EMI is changing with the times and they should be rewarded for their forward thinking, IMHO.

So, I finally decided to just did it. So, I signed up for iTunes yesterday, and bought my first EMI high bit rate songs from iTunes.

Yesterday, two songs – first a Paul McCartney song and a Pink Floyd song, then today I bought two more – a David Bowie song and a Beach Boys song.

I may not buy a song or two a day, but I thought it was a great start. But I may buy a few each month which will add up over time.

I will likely burn them to CD and rip them to mp3 for the hard drive but I want to make a point. I want iTunes and particularly EMI (the smallest but not the least! of the Big Four) to know that as a music lover, I truly appreciate what they are doing.

It’s not like it’s such a hard stretch to realize that it’s the best thing for their customers. They already provide CDs mainly without DRM (I don’t buy any music with DRM on it regardless of who it is). It’s the natural progression!

When they start treating their customers with respect, they will find that their customers will return. I know I have and it wasn’t easy to do. Napster’s been gone a very long time now…and I have boycotted all Big Four (at that time Big Five) Labels ever since.

I really hated what they were doing to this country.

Patents are bad enough, but copyright enforcement has gone absolutely nuts! And we have the greed of Mickey Mouse (Disney) and Sonny Bono to originally thank for all that, along with the stupidity of the DMCA’s excessive enforcement that is responsible for so many bad things, of course the RIAA, and a bunch of people who ‘think’ everyone wants to steal from them.

Thank you Steve Jobs, Apple and EMI (as well as all the EMI contracted Artists who have OK’d their music to be released DRM Free) for letting sanity finally return to at least one corner of the music industry.

I hope your shining light will give strength to the rest of the music industry to do what’s right by their customers.

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