Well, we just paid our Verizon phone bill, and as usual, I decided to check yet again to see if there is any change in DSL Broadband availability….you guessed it, NOPE! Still nothing after 8 years of checking and calling.

I posted our experience in this posting called “Rural America roadkill on the information superhighway” since we moved to this little town of Dendron in Virginia previously. Just letting everyone know that nothing has changed.

It’s as bad as the Ferry situation here. I called the free ferry number for VDOT’s Jamestown/Scotland Ferry, and left a message a few weeks ago, and they called back which was greatly appreciated. They said that even talks of a bridge to replace the ferry system between Jamestown and Scotland Wharf (which connects Surry County and the Williamsburg VA area where many Surry County residents work, BTW), are not even taking place any longer. It could be 25 years he said before there will be a bridge.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Dendron! But there is technology all around us … CLOSE! Yet no joy still for broadband access in Dendron! Sigh… This really sucks!

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