Just about the time…

I was beginning to think at least with EMI things were coming around and at least I could begin to buy EMI tunes when they are available (albeit a bit more expensively higher quality non-DRM’d versions for $1.29 per song, than their DRM’d counterparts which will also continue to be available for the previous $.99 per song)


Now the Labels are putting the pressure on Apple to move to a subscription service PLUS the per song!!!

No way. I will not have any part of it. If I wanted the equivalent of the Album of the Month Club, I would have signed up for the crappy Columbia thing via snail mail.

Sigh….guess the labels want to ruin iTunes?

What’s up with that!!!!

Apple faces iTunes subscription pressure

It all ‘sounds’ like a ‘normal and reasonable request’ or at least they’d like you to think that, over at MSNBC with a title like this: “Music labels ask Apple to adopt subscription”

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