This morning I got a message from a friend, James M. Fisher, to let me know that it seems I am in a select group (Female Journalist in the Media) over at Bits from Bill. Kewl! 🙂

Since I read all the same Female Journalists Bill does, and hold them all in great esteem, I feel quite honored to be listed among them.

Thanks Bill, much appreciated for the mention here and here too!

I would also like to take this time to tell you how much I love Bill’s WinPatrol and having his Scotty dog on patrol! It’s a great program that is well maintained. WinPatrol is one of the must have items listed on my Resources page at Fran’s Computer Services.

It’s also great to see Bill point out the connections between signing up with online pharmacies, their ‘simple health questionaire,’ and the amount of spam that computer users could/will get from that responding to such email or search results in a recent piece entitled Just Say No to Online Drugs. I think many folks have no idea what they are getting into or the connection between the two.

As Bill says in the piece, “It can be bad enough trusting your information with reputable companies. Once you confirm your name and address with an illegal firm, you’re in big trouble.”

How true!

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