Why the iPhone will change the (PC) world – article by Mike Elgan (Mike’s List/The Raw Feed) posted on ComputerWorld.

Imagine an iPhone the size of a big-screen TV. That’s the PC of the future.

I really enjoyed reading Mike’s piece on the iPhone and what it might or hopefully will mean to the (PC) World. Thanks to Mike’s List for including it so I didn’t have to wait to see it elsewhere!

Hope you do too. It talks about the big items that changed how things are done by Apple in the past (putting together great technologies and perfecting them) into something that everyone could get their mind around such as the original Apple computer, The Mac, the iPod, and now the iPhone…hopefully.

Steve Jobs did an amazing job at MacWorld promoting the up and coming iPhone, which lit everyone up over the hope of this very cool new product, even if they didn’t want Cingular, or couldn’t afford the iPhone….like me! LOL!

But Apple certainly has had a few big products that changed the way everyone’s way of doing things, even if they don’t use Macs. Not many companies can say that, especially more than once in their company’s life.

Mike talks about the new iPhone UI (user interface) and how this could well be the next new full sized computer interface.

As Mike so elequently states on page 2, “I don’t know about you, but I think 23 years is a long time to wait. I’m fed up and ready for the next radical leap forward in UI technology. You will, too, once you’ve seen the video I link to at the end of this column.” and this, “Tomorrow’s third-generation PC UI has already been invented. All the research is done. In fact, some elements have been independently developed by dozens of geniuses at multiple research centers, each taking a slightly different approach, but all embracing more than one of the major five elements of tomorrow’s UI.”

Like I was saying in my previous piece on the iPhone (basically my article on talking myself out of wanting one and pretty much getting past it since I didn’t particularly want to be locked into a multi-year contract with Cingular and I really can’t afford an iPhone), there is something really special about the iPhone. There was something so special about it that I really wanted one badly the minute I saw it! I think many of us saw that this was the next generation of computer technology and we all wanted to be a part of the first of this new technologies’ uses….at least I did.

Oh, well. Life goes on.

Mike talks about five components of future computers: Multi-Touch, Gestures, Physics, 3-D, Minimization of icons. Mike goes on to say after discussing these items;

Does all this sound familiar? These are the five core elements of the iPhone user interface. And they do not exist together in any other major product.

Mike did a fantastic job on this 4 page article … well worth reading!

The only thing I could have hoped for more from Mike’s article was a reference to Linux and 3-D rendering. Since really Linux (according to a digg.com article submission 331 days ago 😉 )had the capability through an add on to the GUI for 3-D first (at least the kind that Vista and Mac OS X will have in it’s next release coming soon).

But the beauty in 3-D was what Mike was really going for here, objects that you can ‘get your mind around’ and your fingers around, are the really cool part of 3-D that hasn’t arrived in operating systems yet, but the pieces to make it happen have been created already! Better than the 3-D in the original Jurassic Park which seems lame by comparison to the description Mike gives. I will have to view the videos on the broadband to see it in action!

I like the future, I’m in it! (thanks to the forward thinking/prophetic Firesign Theatre for that line 😉 )

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