Microsoft apologises for serving malware

Microsoft has apologized for serving malware via its websites and Windows Live Messenger software.

And it’s SystemDoctor 2006 … sheesh!

Course to be fair, this can happen to any company that uses third party affiliate advertising/banners. It’s a great idea, but very badly implemented in many cases, and you can find out so much about this from Ben Edelman’s website.

This is why I am very careful not to use any affiliate programs unless they are done by the actual software company plus I have to trust the company. Which means I currently am only making use of ONE affiliate program from Webroot (for Spy Sweeper – with the trial version offered to try before you buy) because they do their own affiliate handling. Like me, they obviously feel they can’t trust any third party affiliate program with their products. Smart move.

Also, many may remember that places like MySpace and Google Videos have been known to install malware on occasion — unintentionally but it has unfortunately happened. Just do a search on Google for malware and either MySpace or Google Videos, or any other social networking site for that matter or good cause sites even (remember things like Zango and others being installed by good cause sites?).

It’s nice to be able to make a few bucks from these types of things but because they have been abused repeatedly, I am just really skiddish about making use of any of them. Sad but true.

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