Workaround Discovered For “Clean Install” With Vista Upgrade DVDs

Microsoft internal documentation reveals workaround for Vista Upgrade DVDs with no need for a previous version of Windows

DailyTech reported on Monday that Microsoft no longer performs disc checks during an operating system install. In the past, when performing a clean install, a user could boot from an install CD and insert a disc from a previous version of Windows for upgrade compliance.

However, per Microsoft’s new licensing requirements for Vista, users are required to install a Windows Vista Upgrade from within Windows XP. When this occurs, the Windows XP license is forfeited and the Windows Vista installation process can take place.

DailyTech has confirmed a new workaround proposed by Paul Thurrott (via Microsoft internal documents).

I had originally read this information by Brian Livingston in the WindowsSecrets Newsletter – Issue 94 – February 1, 2007.

I hadn’t had time to post this earlier but I did want to get the information posted for those who might not have read it elsewhere. Especially since it makes a good follow up to my previous posting here from January 29th.

Thanks to ThePast from the Opera Community who sent me the link through the Opera Community after reading my previous blog entry on the original news about not being able to use the prior Windows install disk as proof of purchase. I also had read about it from postings by some folks at ScotsNewsletter Forums who also provided a link to the DailyTech article.

This is great news for those of us who wish to format a hard drive prior to installation of a new OS. This is particularly useful if there are malware problems on the computer, or just to get a clean install to alleviate problems that can crop up from upgrade installs.

Brian Livingston has even more information for those who are trying to save some money on the very expensive OS in his newest article in WindowsSecrets Newsletter entitled “More on the Vista upgrade secret :”

I revealed in my Feb. 1 article that you can buy the “upgrade” version of Windows Vista and clean-install it to any hard drive, with or without a preexisting version of Windows XP or 2000.

This renders the more expensive “full” version of Vista unnecessary — and many of my readers have provided additional information about why this upgrade trick works.

Much more in the article! Must read.

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