Net pioneer predicts overwhelming botnet surge

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf has warned high-powered attendees at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that the Internet is at serious risk from botnets.


According to Mark Sunner, chief security analyst at MessageLabs, Cerf’s words of warning are far from scaremongering and the picture is at least as serious as Cerf paints it.

Sunner said that around the turn of the year security experts were watching one botnet, called Spam Thru, which not only had its own antivirus protection to clear other botnets off “its patch,” but had the potential to be 10 times more productive than most other botnets while evading detection because of built-in defenses.

More in the article. Must read.

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Casino Spam on the Increase

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Sophisticated spam set to expand – MessageLabs:

Spam levels look set to escalate, and the seasonal spike over the Christmas period could mark the start of something bigger, according to MessageLabs’ monthly report for January.

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