After a massive stroke last week, Dean Spratt, broadcaster of THURSDAY NIGHT POTPOURRI for a long time, at least as long as JimmyLee and I have had a satellite dish (a CBAND satellite dish, a BUD) and that’s been since 1991 when we first started listening to Gary Bourgois on FNL (Friday Night Live).

Some years later in, I think it was in 1997 when GaryB got very sick, Dean even stepped right in to help out and did the FNL show while Gary recovered and even after that for a while when Capt Herm couldn’t be there to help out during FNL. This all in addition to his own show,THURSDAY NIGHT POTPOURRI, the night before on Thursday evenings!

The past couple years have been very hard. First we lost my Dad in May 2005.

Then later that year, Satellite and Internet Radio began losing several great broadcast personalities starting with Gary Bourgois – A True Satellite Pioneer in November 2005.

Then in 2006 within two weeks of each other, Dishnuts Gerry from the W0KIE Satellite Radio Network and Brian Converse AKA Klok, a long time supporter and contributor to the JimmyLee and Bambi Show on CNI Radio passed away.

And now at the beginning of 2007, Dean Spratt, host of THURSDAY NIGHT POTPOURRI, also on W0KIE Satellite Radio Network passed away a week after a massive stroke.

This is very a very difficult time because Dean had been broadcasting on cband satellite radio for at least as long as Gary Bourgois, (not sure of actual time frame).

Dean had also been a HAM for a very long time.

Mike Reynolds’ guest book entry on the Obit page here said it quite well, “The W0KIE Satellite Radio Network will very sadly miss Dean’s friendly voice beaming to satellite dish owners every Thursday night from windy outer space.” Same here Mike, same here…

Jerry Robbins, writer, director and producer of Powder River and other OTR style radio plays at Colonial Radio Theatre on the air, wrote a very nice Memorial posting about Dean Spratt on his blog (thanks Rob for the link). Jerry has also posted a link to an mp3 file of Dean Spratt interviewing him.

Dean was also a traffic reporter for WCCO and one of the two Pioneer traffic reporters for WCCO to pass away. The other Pioneer in Traffic Radio on WCCO, John Lundell, 52, passed away in August 2005. From the article, “Lundell and Metro Traffic shared the air with WCCO Radio’s Dean Spratt. “We weren’t the first traffic reporters in town, but we were the first to become household names,” Spratt explained.”

I couldn’t find the article on WCCO about Dean’s passing. I did email them in case it was just not posted yet or hadn’t made it into the search results as yet.

It’s great to see that Dean had not only received acclaim in CBAND satellite radio, but also on WCCO as a traffic reporter and other places around the Internet. Especially since Dean was blind from birth. It just goes to show that you don’t need eye sight if you have real insight, are able to be professional yet come across as the guy next door, have great curiosity, an upbeat can do attitude, and are a friendly voice on the radio with a big heart. Dean was all of that.

Rob has also put up a sub forum for condolences for Dean aka Skyscanner here.

More information on Dean’s career here at Communications World, where Kim reported back in 1999 on Dean:

Dean Spratt is blind, works in the media, and has been a radio amateur for about 35 years. He says he hasn’t found any equipment that a blind person cannot run, although some devices, such as his computer, present quite a challenge.’s Blind Spot with Marlaina Lieberg had a piece on Dean Spratt as well. I understand that Marlaina did a show Sunday night where she did a tribute to Dean. It should be up on her page soon.

I am so sad to see Dean’s passing. He was a great inspiration. He never let anything get in his way if it was physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually possible to overcome the obstacle.

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  1. I knew both Dean and John from my days at MTC. Hard to believe they are both gone at such young ages. Here is a link to a newspaper article on Dean.

    Sadly, another friend who worked nearby in Eau Claire, Phil Nauss (airname Conrad) passed in the last week also. A link to his obit is can be found here:

    Thanks for taking the time to write and honor Dean. He was an amazing individual.

  2. So many people personally knew and had met Dean. I somehow feel deprived for not having had the chance to actually meet Dean and his family. What I wrote about Dean is what I knew of him as Dean Spratt, aka Skyscanner as host of his satellite radio show for many years.

    Thank you for your kind words. It was my pleasure to write a little about Dean and honor him. Even having not actually met Dean, I feel great loss at his passing. You are so right, he surely was an amazing individual on just about every level one can think of.

    I am also sorry to hear about Phil Nauss/Conrad as well. It is always sad to lose great radio broadcasters. And there have been so many that were lost over the last few years in particular. But I guess it started with the loss of Jean Shepherd, the great storyteller and radio broadcaster of our generation.

    Thanks for posting the links as well as taking the time to comment on my blog about Dean.

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