Macworld 2007: Live blogging Steve Jobs’ Keynote speech (TechDigest)

What a great way to quickly find out what’s going on with a convention as it pregresses … Live blogging!

Catching the excitement as it unveils is wonderful!

I really was impressed with TechDigest’s Andy Merrett’s Live blogging during Steve Job’s MacWorld 2007 Keynote today. Hopefully there will be more Live blogging on TechDigest’s MacWorld 2007. From what I read as I kept refreshing the page as the time and comments were updated with a blow by blow on the description of what was happening, it was wonderful! I really wish I could have been there.

Thanks Andy! And I want one of those new Apple iPhones! Shame I can’t afford one … guess I will be waiting for them to be falling edge before I get one, but oh, well, one has to have something to wish for! 😉

But Andy wasn’t the only one Live Blogging at Macworld 2007, and Andy linked to the Live blogging going on by Erica Sadun over at TUAW too! And that Live blogging is also going on.Thanks Erica!

Great coverage from the blogosphere!

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  1. Hi,

    I must confess something – I’m sitting in my London suburban home. I didn’t get to Macworld (much as I’d have loved to) but instead I had about 6 windows open with other people’s accounts (who were lucky enough to be there) – so really I can’t take the full credit for the work.

    It was great to do, and maybe at some point I’ll get to see Steve live. I can imagine the atmosphere must’ve been electric as the iPhone was unveiled (and yes I want one too, though it’ll be a long time coming to the UK)

    A lot of the Tech Digest bloggers are over at CES, and I don’t think there was anything to spare for a Macworld trip too! I can dream.

    But thanks for your kind comments – it’s appreciated – and do watch out for more analysis on the iPhone from me! 🙂

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