Mac Mini Christmas

I am a new Mac owner. I received a special Christmas gift this year, actually several of them!

I received a Mac Mini 1.4Ghz Power PC with 1GB of RAM, OS X 10.4 Tiger, etc. etc. Wonderful gift! I have been having way too much fun with it! You can see a screenshot of my OS X Tiger Desktop here.

I also received a couple gifts from our CNI Radio listeners to go with it to make the transition to adding a Mac to my desk.

This makes my third computer and 4th active OS (two of which are Linux flavors) on my desk believe it or not. I have a single OS Linux computer that I use as my main computer which is a PIII 600 with 256MB RAM, a new to me AMD 64-bit 3200+ with 512MB RAM that is dual boot between Win2K and another distro of Linux, Ubuntu and now I have the Mac Mini with which to compare the other OSes.

And, I must say that the Mac was the absolute easiest system to get used to in many ways. I was extremely impressed with what Apple was able to do with a G4 1.4Ghz system with only 32MB RAM on the video and 1GB RAM for the system. Something every other OS maker could take notes from. In their defense however, Apple is also the hardware maker and that does make the job much easier in the long run.

Ubuntu was the second easiest and gave me the same joy of use feeling that the Mac PPC 10.4 Tiger did. They both are a joy to use.

Win2K/Win98SE come in third (as does WinXP) – I won’t be using the DRM enabler hoggy Vista so I have no opinion there other than to say I think it’s a crying shame that Microsoft went this DRM enabler route … it’s gonna cost them and I honestly hope it costs them big for doing this to their loyal base).

Fedora Core 5 comes in fourth. But Fedora’s coming in fourth is most likely because it was my first full blown “main computer” distro ever. I have always had Windows as the main system in the past, and so I had to learn Linux right down to the geeky nuts and bolts after only using Linux for some specific things previously. It has been very interesting from a geeky point of view and I wouldn’t trade it, but at the same time, from a user point of view at times frustrating as I had to relearn previously known things, and learned a whole slew of new things when Linux became my main computer — since my last Linux installs of Mandrake, VectorSOHO, Redhat 7 and FC3.

It wasn’t hard to do, but it was different and at times hair pulling frustrating. Especially because it was like learning DOS/Windows all over again. But on the other hand, it was absolutely wonderful to be learning again. I knew it would be and was looking forward to the challenge. Plus I wasn’t a true newbie in Linux since I have always had a Linux computer for some things since Mandrake 7.1 came out. I just hadn’t had to learn it the same way I did when it became my main system.

And that’s why I say, because of all those years of learning and subsequently using DOS and Windows, which is really what I was comparing it to, is totally unfair since I have used DOS since there was no Windows and Windows from the beginning when Windows 3.1 came out (I actually even tried out Windows 1.0 but took it off and put the disk away immediately because it wasn’t done yet. I loved DOS and Win3.1, Win9x (except ME), Win2K, WinXP even, in fact even with their faults. Same as I do Linux now … with one difference: I am really learning computers again and loving it despite the frustration at times. And I am not being intruded upon by greedy corporations who don’t give a crap about us as users really, except in trying to give us enough to make it a hard decision not to move to their next best thing which I am not going to do.

I have to stress here that it wasn’t that I don’t like the look or feel or general capabilities of Windows XP … rather especially because they did do many things right in XP that were half baked in previous OSes, but even then, we got a half baked product in so many areas, plus the malware thing has made it downright dangerous. Anyway, due to all that plus Vista being the DRM enabler for intrusion by the entertainment cartels, I have given away my Windows XP Pro and refuse to move to Vista.

Ultimately, we have the greedy movie, music and software cartels as a whole to thank for that really. The only things I specifically blame Microsoft for is getting into bed with them to push their intrusive crapware DRM on us (first as guinea pigs in WinXP and now full enabling in Vista) — and — falling into the very same trap the rest of them got into — Greed. Greed that has turned them on their own users/customers, made fair use something they think should be in the past. Which is very sad. It’s the same reason I will never buy another Sony piece of hardware or movie. I may rent a movie, but will ask for my money back if I can’t play it on at least one of my DVD drives.

And for that, after all these years, I will no longer buy Microsoft products for myself. In fact, I no longer own WinXP Pro, nor do I use it. I used to use it on my main system (but as I mentioned I gave my retail Pro version away), then moved to Linux for my main system, and went back to Win2K for my DOS/Windows games, and a few other things like my current scanner which works well but has no drivers in Linux as yet (Visioneer 8920).

Now I have had the pleasure of receiving a Christmas gift of a wonderful Mac Mini to my little computer arsenal. I can’t deny that I love the Mac. I won’t even try. But if Apple goes down that same road like Microsoft, when they come out with Leopard, I will stay at Tiger and not stay with the Mac either.

DRM sucks for the user and it’s a half baked technology that is intrusive on paying customers in their inefficient and often very frustrating quest to supposedly deal with piracy. I don’t buy it. That’s smoke and mirrors. It’s fair use they all want to take away from us, and control down to the level of a set top box. Well, many of us will not deal with it on computers we buy. Want to see how many … I think all they will have to do is just keep it up. 😉

In the meantime, I am going to continue to love all my computers, especially my newest addition and long time desired Mac! It is a joy to use and learn, and Apple, you done a great job with it! Keep up the great work!

Thanks to those who made this possible (you know who you are). 🙂

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  1. Mac Mini Christmas…

    Yeah, why? Your typical Mac comes with all the Unix goodies and goodness you could ever need. But there are a bunch of Linux PPC distributions that you can, if you feel the urge, install on your Apple hardware.
    If you’ve been alive the last coup…

  2. Great post stoykish on your Tech n’ Web at GoBloggit! Some great comments too, especially from Joseph A di Paolantonio (from The Cynosural Blog).

    Thanks for taking the time to post about your posting and the comments on your posting. I enjoyed it very much.

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