In Memoriam: James Kim

Well, I had to do one more posting on James Kim.

As sorrowful a time as this is for family, friends and the rest of us who appreciated James Kim for the love and dedication he had to his family and his gifted tenacity in regard to research of the gadgets he so enjoyed, one can only say, what greater gift is there than for James Kim to lay down his life in an effort to save the lives of his family?

CNET has a beautiful memorial piece on James Kim: 1971-2006. I thought I would share the link to the piece as my final words on James Kim — through the teary eyes of sharp and near remembrance of how hard it is to lose a close family member, or a friend who is like family.

My heart goes out to you Kati, Penelope, Sabine, and to your extended families, and those who had the pleasure of knowing James Kim personally as a friend.

James, you didn’t know me, and I only knew you from what I very much enjoyed of your work on TechTV and in your writings, but the beauty of your life, and death, freely given in dedication to your family has deeply touched my soul. You will definitely be missed.

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