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EDIT: Final update near the bottom of this posting…

It was so sad to hear about James Kim and his family being lost on a road trip — but there has been some good news for James’ and Kati’s families and friends — Kati and their daughters (four years and 7 months old) were found alive the day before yesterday, but the search for James is still on after he ventured out to try to find help and they have not been able to find him as yet.

James Kim … we first came in contact with James Kim through TechTV (which we used to watch on cband satellite since it had first started as ZDTV), and the Call For Help series, where James Kim did research and reported on such digital gadgets as photo quality printers, digital cameras, etc. It was always so cool to see the pictures that he would use to compare various products … they generally would consist of family pictures of his (older) daughter and flowers or other natural settings that he took since he loved photography. He very obviously loved his family and was not afraid to share that love. He didn’t say it, he just showed it through his actions on the show. Between that and his in depth reviews, we always looked forward to his segments on Call For Help.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family as they restore themselves after their brief hospital stay and as they and we hope for good news about James — but mainly at this point, my thoughts and prayers are for James Kim as they apparently haven’t found him yet. I have read everything I could find on this since I originally read about it in Engadget and Crave: The gadget blog and Corrine’s blog: Security Garden.

More information can be found here:

Wife, daughters of missing CNET editor found alive (CNET)

Blogosphere closely tracking search for James Kim (OregonLive)

Missing Person: Kim Family (SFPD)

Missing TechTV Family Member (TWiT Netcast Network w/Leo Laporte)


EDIT: news articles added

MAP: Key points in search for missing Kim family (CNET)

Mom, 2 kids survive — frantic hunt for dad — S.F. woman, girls survive 9 days in wilderness; father left them to seek help (SFGATE)

SFGATE Photo Gallery – Kati Kim holds her daughter, 7-month old Sabine, in the back of a helicopter after they and her other daughter, Penelope, 4, were rescued from a remote area of southern Oregon, Monday, Dec. 4, 2006. Grants Pass Daily Courier photo by Jim Krois via Associated Press

CNET: Satellite rerouted to find James Kim (CNET)

Thanks to Digg.com/redwire dugg for these links and more on this dugg page – I will be watching redwire’s diggs for more information as well as Google, and the other links above.

EDIT: added new CNET article:

Searchers to drop care packages for missing CNET editor

I continue to hope and pray that James Kim’s resourcefulness can keep him alive during the continued search, or that someone found him and is nursing him back to health and just doesn’t know that a search is under way.

EDIT: I guess this will be the last update on the status of James Kim. Unfortunately, the website for James and Kati confirms that James unfortunately didn’t make it.

My heart goes out to Kati, Penelope, Sabine and their entire families who have been such great support in all that was done, as well as all the authorities who tried their level best to find James Kim.

One good thing is that James was heavily into photography and I would imagine digital home movies so their youngest child Sabine who is only 7 mos old right now, will be able to see what a great Dad she had. Those same pictures and videos will I hope comfort Kati and Penelope as well and their whole family.

I know how hard it was for me to lose my Dad in May 2005. I would hate to lose my Jim. I am so sorry for your loss, Kati.

At least Kati and the girls made it. And that is what James would have wanted. It is a terrible shame to lose such a gifted, talented man, who was obviously a loving husband and father.

The information for the press is as follows on the site:

“The friends and community of the Kim family are deeply saddened by the news received today about James Kim. We want to send out our utmost thanks to the Search and Rescue teams who risked their lives in the efforts to bring James back to us, they are true heroes to risk their own lives for a stranger. As friends we know that we did everything we could to help in the search for the Kim family, which is our only comfort now. We thank the Oregon authorities, the media, and everyone who sent us their thoughts and prayers for their support through this very difficult time. Please continue to keep Kati, Penelope, Sabine and the rest of their family in your thoughts.”

Thanks to Clarence of CJ’s Radio Olio for posting the comment that sent me quickly back to JamesAndKati.com to find out any updates there when I got back to my desk.

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  1. Unfortunately, our hopes were not enough.
    My heart goes out to his family & friends. Love & Peace, Clarence

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