Vista and More: Piecing Together Microsoft’s DRM Puzzle
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“The copy-control technologies baked into Vista and the Windows Media platform cover plenty of ground, but who benefits?” ComputerWorld’s Matt McKenzie reports about Vista’s DRM technologies. Hardware based DRM – TPM, OPM, Protected Video Path (PVP), the hollywood factor, WGA/SPP, the Zune disconnect, the end of WMDRM, PlaysForSure and much more.

Four pages of information that ties so much together.

I have posted various topics on these very same things for some time now and linked to many articles on different aspects of Vista’s DRM and Vista being the enabler for hollywood, the RIAA, more to keep tight control on what we can do with our computers (computers and other hardware that WE purchased with our money), and fully remove our fair use in the end….just as they have always wanted.

When I see articles like this one at arstechica entitled, “RIAA: we love fair use. No, really!” – One has to wonder why. Why would they try to present themselves NOW as lovers of fair use?

Could it be that maybe they feel they can afford to say they love fair use now that THEY will have REAL opportunity to control everything you can do with the music you buy. All through hardware/operating system/driver/software enforced DRM through “Vista the enabler” which is slated to soon to be on the majority of desktop computers, servers, Internet backbones, etc.? Maybe because they see that they have hope of total control firmly in their sights now?

And all the while, behind our backs, the RIAA is attempting to sneak through their bill outlawing legal satellite radio recording devices before Congress goes home for the year by trying to push the ‘audio flag’ yet again!

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) thinks it’s still in the middle of last week’s elections. It has run a series of attack ads in Washington, accusing the Digital Freedom Campaign of all sorts of falsehoods and inaccuracies.

Why? */Because RIAA would like to sneak through their bill outlawing legal satellite radio recording devices before Congress goes home for the year./* We’ve got to stop them, but we need your help.

Here’s the easy way to do it:

1) Go to the website:

2) Click on the “Send a Letter To Congress Button” on the bottom left of the home page

3) Enter your zip code (which is used only to determine your Senators and Representative) under “Congress & President” and then hit *GO*

4) Click on “Federal” under “Write Your Elected Officials”

5) Cut and paste the following text (or write your own) into the “Editable Text” box

I am an [independent artist/student/music-lover/consumer, etc.] and I am asking you to oppose efforts by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and its supporters to sneak “audio flag” legislation into the lame duck session of Congress.

The RIAA would have you believe that transferring one lawfully obtained song from one device to another is piracy — it isn’t. Their “audio flag” bill would essentially ban XM and Sirius satellite receivers that allow subscribers to time-shift digital radio broadcasts just like Tivo for radio. These receivers have nothing to do with file-sharing or P2P – they don’t allow CD burning or uploading to the Internet.

Don’t let the big record labels take away our digital rights. Please oppose the “audio flag” bill.

6) Fill out the required information and hit “Send Message”

_/*Your Voice Counts – Please Make it Heard!!*/_

Thank you – The Digital Freedom Campaign

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