Kudos to Sun for decision to GPL Java

Great news from SUN! Today, they plan to put Java under the GPL!

From the ZDNet article entitled: Sun picks GPL license for Java:

The move will promote Java and make it easier to bundle with Linux, said Rich Green, Sun’s executive vice president of software.

“This is a milestone for the whole industry,” Green said. “Not only are we making an influential and widely used software platform for the Web available under an open-source license, it also underscores Sun’s commitment to changing the whole industry model for how software is enhanced and developed.”

I think Rich Green is right. This is an excellent move by Sun and I applaud them for the decision.

This will make it easier to use Java across all platforms, but it’s especially good news for Linux. Now they can put Sun’s Java back in Fedora Core/Redhat Enterprise Linux, and other distros that were trying to keep with fully open source/GPL software.

But it also makes it possible for developers to have the GNU class path exception as well.

Way to go Sun!

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