Some good news from Microsoft. Although, there are still plenty of things that one can say about Vista regarding enabling hardware DRM in a way that Windows XP could never do and some other areas in the license (particularly where OEM reseller versions and some of the finer points in Virtualization of Vista are concerned), however there is definitely some good news out of Redmond.

Microsoft has changed the licensing for the Retail Version of Microsoft’s upcoming Vista operating system thereby offering an olive branch to computer enthusiasts and power users of the upcoming Vista operating system.

Looks like Microsoft has listened to those of us who were so upset and would be adversely affected by the draconian licensing for Vista and have now relaxed at least the license for the Retail Version (and only the Retail Version) of Vista.

The Retail version of Vista will now allow transfer from one computer to another and one owner to another and make unlimited upgrades without having to buy another copy of Vista. Ed Bott has a write up on his blog about this today. It’s certainly welcome news to those who intend to make the move to Vista.

As far as enthusiasts who like to buy from OEMs? It begs the question: Will OEM Resellers offer not only the OEM versions of Vista for the masses, but Retail versions for enthusiasts, power users, etc?

Well, it’s a good thing for sure. Now if Microsoft and software/hardware vendors and the entertainment cartels will back off on their support of hardware DRM …

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