Bad news for Veterans yet again.

With more missing data, Reid seeks VA chief’s ouster

The U.S. Senate’s top Democrat on Tuesday called on Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson to resign after the department disclosed that another batch of personal information on veterans was missing.

“Enough is enough,” Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada said. “Less than a month after promising to make the VA the ‘gold standard’ in data security, Secretary Nicholson has again presided over loss of personal information of thousands of veterans.”

The VA on Monday announced that a subcontractor reported personal information on up to 38,000 veterans was missing from the company’s offices.

Data gone missing …. again.. where: “The names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, insurance carriers, dates of military service and claims data of people who received treatment at the centers may have been on the computer.”

First 26 million Veterans put at risk through some burglers and an employee taking data home (they ‘believe’ the data wasn’t accessed), and now 38,000 more put at risk through a subcontractor (the Unisys Corp.) who said the desktop with the data on it turns up missing. Unisis Corp. had been hired to assist in insurance collections for VA medical centers in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Do you think maybe now the government put some monitoring/protection in place for those affected?

Sure hope so.

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