Another WGA failure

Another WGA failure posted by Ed Bott … must read.

NOTE: 8/10/2006 update – Ed has posted an update to this article, “Busted! What happens when WGA attacks”

After contacting MS to provide him with a bootleg copy and being told he’d have it overnight and not getting it for a couple weeks, and even then the key they provided didn’t work, contacting them again and not hearing back, then doing a web search and finding a bootleg volume license key and his experience with installation, updates, etc. Then…

His closing notes;

That’s where I stand right now. The folks who are running the WGA program are having troubles getting the little stuff right, like putting a CD in the mail and proofreading the product key they sent with it. They haven’t managed to identify a stolen product key that’s been floating around the Internet for nearly two years. I’m reluctantly running a pirated version of Windows and can’t get caught no matter how hard I try.

But these same people want us to believe that the WGA software they’ve developed is nearly foolproof. They claim that all but “a fraction of a percent” of those 60 million people who’ve been denied access to Microsoft updates and downloads are guilty, guilty, guilty.

All Ed was trying to do is see what users of ‘pirated’ copies of XP would see…

NOTE: The link to Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report on the 60 million people added by me. You can find even more of Ed Bott’s Microsoft reports of late that include WGA, Vista, etc. here.

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