The Future of Blogging

The Future of Blogging (ITConversations)

The internet is truly becoming an open network with the rise of amateur content and open source software. In this talk, Joi Ito takes us through the growth of the internet as an open network in layers to the point where the killer app is now user generated content. Earlier, it was the little guys around the edges of the internet who created the open standards which made the web work, and today it is those same people who fuel it with their creativity. He also shares with us his observations of the remix culture seen on the net.

Audio Listen and Download links at the site.

This is a great piece! A must listen for anyone. And as Newsvine reported,

This is the most recent podcast I have listened to. An excellent listen if you are interested in social networking, blogging, grassroots media and a plethora of geekish/cool enabling technology.

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