At the Black Hat conference (where it is said that Microsoft gets good reception at Black Hat), Microsoft and the FBI ask Hackers for help:

News Focus: Vista at Black Hat (ZDNet):
Hackers and security experts head for Las Vegas once again for the Black Hat Briefings, to probe tech security and see what shakes out. This year should see a departure from the usual bug hunting and break-ins: Microsoft has reserved a slot to outline the defenses, rather than the weaknesses, in Vista’s code.

On that page, there are articles about Microsoft challenges hackers:

Microsoft is handing out an early version of Vista at Black Hat and is soliciting feedback from attendees. “We hope that they will look at it and if they find any security issues we hope they will tell us,” Steven Lipner, senior director for security engineering strategy at Microsoft, said in an interview.

The version of Vista being released at Black Hat wasn’t specifically designed for the conference, but a recent stable build of the operating system, Lipner added.

FBI calls for hacker help:

LAS VEGAS–The FBI needs help from hackers to fight cybercrime, an agency official said Wednesday.

“We need your expertise and input as we develop strategies to battle cybercrime in the 21st century,” Daniel Larkin, a unit chief in the FBI’s cybercrime division, said in his opening address at the annual Black Hat security conference here.

There are also links to blog feeds that can prove to be dangerous, a MacBook that was hacked?, and much more.

I think it is ironic, that after the mainstream press, software companies, and the government have equated all Hackers with Cyber Criminals literally for years! Now, Now! They want their help. Why would they want the help of those who are bad in their estimation? Is it a ruse? Social Engineering of a sort? Sounds fishy to me, but let’s hope for the best. Maybe the Hackers welcomed the chance to vindicate themselves after all these years?

Either way, apparently forgiving, the Hackers apparently have consented to help, or at least gave them a good reception. It remains to be seen what will come of it all. Or maybe they will remember the old saying, “you can forgive a dog for being a dog, but you don’t have to go back in their yard.” Seems to me the Hackers will be on their guard either way. They wouldn’t be as good as they are if they didn’t.

Even so, I surely hope this is not a ruse to entrap (courtesy of the DMCA as some other security researchers have been), and I hope the Hackers will at least be offered payment for their consultation/help, as any other security consultant would get.

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