A load of C.R.A.P.

A load of C.R.A.P.
(BTW: David Berlind’s Video works within Firefox in Linux )

I finally was able to watch David’s video since we are traveling and have use of broadband while we are up north visiting friends.

What got me going on this and reminded me of the video he had done previously (that I couldn’t watch on dialup), was David Berlind’s article entitled: GM, Ford, Mazda, to drive acceptance of Apple’s C.R.A.P. Coke to help market soak it up.

Here’s the caption for the video David had earlier posted here:

ZDNet Executive Editor David Berlind suggests that CRAP or Content, Restriction, Annulment, and Protection, is a catchier phrase than DRM – Digital Rights Management. Why does he think this technology is crap? Once you’ve bought music or other content to play on one device, it won’t play on any other device because of the proprietary layer of CRAP.

You gotta love David Berlind’s message … don’t buy anything with this C.R.A.P. in it! He’s not gonna and he is saying we shouldn’t either.

In other words, don’t reward these companies for putting Content, Restriction, Annulment, and Protection in the products they sell!

It will bite you in the end. Not the companies, but you. They got your money, and continue to get your money, one song, album, game, video, movie, TV show (now they are selling flopped TV series in video format I read somewhere), etc. at a time, with disallowing across platforms as well, because many can’t be used on any other platform. And in time folks will find that they have nothing to show for what they thought they purchased except rentware … for a time. No true fair use of that product or the content you buy to play on that product to back it up, play them across platforms, and with some products not even across OSes.

I have refused to buy into this C.R.A.P. all along and I am not gonna start buying into it now. It’s only gotten worse with time and like old pipes (courtesy of the movie “The Money Pit”), do you think they have gotten better with age?

I think not.

And with the new HDCP we discussed elsewhere on this blog, it will certainly only get more convoluted with time and newer OSes, software and drivers/modules enabling the hardware to restrict your use of what you buy.

Follow the money and control freak trails! And maybe think twice about that new technology that they are ruining with CRAP!

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  1. erictravis said:

    Despite the fact that I like the convenience of the iTunes Music Store, it is ridiculous that their songs are DRM protected and playable only on “authorized” computers when I can purchase a CD and do what I darned well please with the included material (although Sony and others would apparently like to stop that practice as well).

  2. Heard that!

    That is one of the main reasons not to buy into this C.R.A.P.!

    Fair use should be the purchasers right as it has always been.

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